Allow users to select their own music from any room and listen at the same time, wherever they are.

Watch not just the content you have, but the content you want, in glorious high-definition.


Set the precise lighting scene for watching movies or reading in bed, or creating just the right ambience for an intimate dinner or hosting a party, all while saving energy and money.


Manage all environmental and home systems to achieve maximum energy savings without compromising comfort or convenience.


Feel safe with the support of your Crestron system, linked throughout your property.


Now every house can be a Crestron Home

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Handheld remotes

Take complete control of your home with the Prodigy© Handheld Touchpanel. Wirelessly control music, TV, lights, and temperature from the ultra-crisp colour display together with the Prodigy Media Controller. Channel surf or browse your iPod© using the simple tactile buttons. It's so light and ergonomic that you may forget it's in your hand.


With the bidirectional feedback of Prodig Remotes and Touchpanels, control of any audio zone is just a touch away. Combine the Audio Keypad with the Processor, Amplifier, Radio Tuner, and iPod to fill your entire home with the music and news you want, when you want it.

Entertainment Control

Easily create any atmosphere desired with your favourite music and video collection. Without extra importing, ripping, or downloading, simply use your existing iPod as a home entertainment hub. Listen to radio news in high quality without having to deal with static or poor reception while simultaneously enjoying music in a completely different room.

Integration Solutions

Whether you're distributing iPod content on the home network, controlling systems remotely from a Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone, Crestron provides seamless solutions.

Environmental Control

The Prodigy© Wireless Thermostat keeps your home the perfect climate while saving money and energy. Via intuitive graphical interfaces on Prodigy Touchpanels, simply set up weekly schedules so the home stays comfortable when you're there most.

Control System

The heart of a Prodigy system, the Media Controller transforms your button presses into customized actions: simultaneously turn on the TV, dim the lights, and play back your favorite movie. It's also your outside link to what's going on inside your home.


The Prodigy In-Wall Touchpanel is your central hub to total home control. Bring home the power, reliability, and intelligence of Crestron in addition to decades of industry leading experience at an affordable price. Engineered with you in mind, Prodigy proves to be simple + affordable.

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